Probiotic Live

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ProBiotic LIVE

Unique formula for unique pets


At Bacterfield, we believe healthy and happy begins on the inside. When you nourish what's on the inside, you start to see those benefits on the outside. That's why we believe in a nutrition-first approach to your pets' total wellbeing.

Dedicated international specialists in nutrition, probiotics, animal welfare and advanced food processing have helped Bacterfield create an entirely new pet food category - ProBiotic LIVE.

ProBiotic LIVE is a patented natural functional Super Premium pet food containing a live and highly concentrated probiotic bacteria in order to restore and maintain normal gut functions, ease mobility and boost the immune system.

ProBiotic LIVE contains the viable probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium, known for several beneficial health benefits.


How to use ProBiotic LIVE

ProBiotic LIVE should be used daily for an optimal health for your pet. Please pay attention to the daily feeding amounts provided in the product pages.

ProBiotic LIVE is everything your pet needs to have a nutritious and wholesome diet.


+ good things for your pet

ProBiotic LIVE is the first Natural Functional Super Premium food for pets. It contains 109 live and highly concentrated probiotic bacteria, which is just what your pet needs for a healthy gut and strong immune system.

What does it mean?

109 is a label of quality, which refers to the quantity of probiotic bacteria in a product per kilogram. Probiotics are live microorganisms often referred to as the good bacteria because of their health benefits.

109 (a billion) bacteria is just the right amount of good bacteria needed to achieve the right beneficial effects.